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MaxxCAM Punch CAM

"MaxxCAM, setting new industry standards for tooling and sequencing"

  • Auto tooling & interactive tooling

  • Auto and interactive microjoint placement

  • Auto tooling of special shapes

  • Auto tooling of counter sink, tapping, forming

  • Full Wilson Wheel support

  • Graphical turret loading

  • Auto part removal by chute or picker device

  • Feedrate control

  • Cost estimation for parts and nests

  • Auto part ID tooling

MaxxCAM generates efficient tooling and has the best auto and interactive tooling engine in the industry.

Tooling features include:

MaxxCAM Sequencer

"Getting tired of clicking with that mouse??"

Sequencing is one of the toughest challenges in sheetmetal fabrication.

We have have accepted the challenge and believe that we have the best sequencing strategies in the industry,

Sequencing features include:

  • Auto or interactive sequencing

  • Sequencing rules can be set

  • Automatic form avoidance

  • Travel paths are highly optimised

  • Auto reposition / sheet flip & turn

  • Auto clamp positioning

  • Simulation of NC code

  • Sheet trimming

  • Run time estimation

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