MaxxCAM Nesting

"Let's solve that puzzle"

Nesting has been known to humans for tousands of years, it is not new to us.


MaxxCAM has taken the nesting process to the next level by introducing multi sheet nesting for rectangular and irregular shaped parts.

Scroll down the page to see multi sheet nesting for rectangular and irregular shaped parts.

Rectangular Nesting

Rectangular nesting will treat any shape as a rectangle, which is why it is called rectangular nesting.

MaxxCAM's rectangular nester will allow nesting on multiple sheets and sizes at the same time, resulting in stunning results.


Rectangular nesting features include:

  • Rotation and grain control

  • Nest for next process

  • Due date nesting

  • Priority of parts

  • Mirror of parts

  • Revision of parts

  • Nesting of parts and assemblies

  • Comphrensive reports

  • Colour code for easy part identification

  • Use of multi-core processors for fast results


Irregular Shape Nesting

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