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MaxxCAM 2D CAD is powered by a 2D constraint kernel. This means goodbye to old fashioned CAD and it's construction elements.

CAD features include:

  • Modern constraint manager

  • Parametric dimensioning

  • Powertrim/extend function

  • Layers

  • Blocks

  • Dimensioning

  • Arrays

  • Shape library

  • Sheetmetal corners/notches

"Our customers love our CAD engine"

MaxxCAM - Drawing of 2D part
MaxxCAM - Drawing of 2D part

Example of a CAD drawing from MaxxCAM

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  • Customisable user interface

  • Powerful scripting

  • Intergrates with MRP/ERP systems

  • Reduce drawing time from hours to seconds

  • Use CAD markers for special tooling

  • Automate usage of Wilson Wheel tools

MaxxCAM - Parametric scripting
MaxxCAM - Parametric scripting

Example of a fully customized interface for door manufacturing

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MaxxCAM provides powerful scripting and parametric design for those who need that little extra automation.

Scripting and parametric features include:

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